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Our Mission Statement

Medical Cabinet is dedicated to helping you with all of your medical marijuana needs. Talk to our team of expert and compassionate doctors today! Medical Cabinet combines accessibility, expertise, and comfort for patients seeking alternative medicine through medical marijuana. Our doctors focus on your comfort and health to deliver a comfortable, warm and happy evironment.

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Finding the Right Strain:

Whether it is Medical or Recreational? Finding the right strain is as easy as researching a physical or mental effects, bud appearance, color and smell.

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The Proper Dosage For You:

To find the correct dosage you simply start with a small amount, wait an appropriate amount of time and then see how it affects you to find a M.E.D. (Minimum Effective Dose).

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Intake Methods and Schedule:

There are many methods to intake the plant. From those you will be able to find one that best works with you. For example: If you despise the smell when smoking you may like to try out cannabis-infused tea.

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